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Power Station 4000 Flex

Electricity prices have been rising steadily for more than 30 years. Now they’re accelerating at a pace never before seen in American history. In the last two years alone, electricity prices have increased by 17.8%. In some places, it’s been particularly bad. The Northeast United States, for example, saw electricity prices jump more than 85% in a single year. You get 220 square feet of efficient mono-crystal solar panels capable of generating 2,500 watts of electricity. You also get 19,200 watt hours of battery capacity. All together, the system ls capable of producing 3 million watt hours of energy per year.

THE Power Station Flex 4000 will provide enough backup energy to slash your electric bill and maybe get off the grid completely. The Power Station Flex4000 is designed to be ultra-simple to use. Once installed, a single switch takes you of the grid and powers all your tier-1 emergency electrical needs. If the grid goes down at any time, the Power Station Flex 4000 will take over automatically and will seamlessly begin proving power to your predetermined circuits-so you’re never without power. The Power Station Flex 4000 can be directed to power any device (or groups of devices) in your home. A few switches let you direct power wherever you want at any given time-which is especially important in a crisis situating when you may want to ration your electrical power.

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